Recursos / Resources

Eduardo and I (Flavian Mc Donald), your teachers have developed a large number of materials for our students, among those resources we posted downloadable PDF worksheets, these sheets are created as a complement for the Let’s Speak Spanish course.

You might have the following questions, let me help you out:


  •  How are these PDF worksheets?

 They are designed with a neat layout, making sure to be very intuitive for the student.   

  •  What kind of activities do they have?

According to our experience as teachers we have joined the best written techniques that we’ve seen useful for the consolidation of the knowledge just acquired, among others you will find, completation (filling blanks with information), matching (associating images with meanings) and dialog making among many others.

  •  How’s the visual characteristic?

Most of the colors used were selected to induce serenity and interest for the content of the pages, same as the distribution of the information that were laid on it.

  •  How is the interaction Student-Worksheet?

The PDF file were created to be printed by the student for its completion, the ideal student would read out loud the information that he or she sees.  

  •  What’s the use of the worksheets?

They are meant as a tool for the consolidation of the new set of vocabulary and structures that the student saw in the Let’s Speak Spanish course.  

  • How does it Work?

At the end of each Let’s Speak Spanish class there is a “Actividades Sugeridas” (Suggested Activities) with normally two numbers or three, those numbers are corresponding the activity laid on the page, nevertheless each PDF complementary file is under the class itself so it’s very easy to follow.

Don’t read it, experience it.  

Go to our Udemy site and Let’s Speak Spanish.


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