6 Spanish Words without translation (+Audio with pronunciation in phrases).

Learn spanish by listening and speaking.

Learning spanish is a beautiful journey as it is learning a new language. Among its vocabulary there are many wordswith a unique sense and exclusive use of spanish itself.

Now you’ll be listening to them and it is a good idea for you to repeat all you hear aloud in order for you to become a better spanish speaking learner. Here you are.

  • Anteayer: it means the day before yesterday.

Yo fui a tu casa anteayer:  (I went to your place the day before yesterday).

  • Estrenar: it means to use something for the very first time, mostly meaning clothes. You can call to your new clothes or objects “estreno”.

A Diana le gusta estrenar en diciembre; ella disfruta mucho sus estrenos: (Diana likes to wear new clothes in december; she loves wearing her new clothes).

  • Friolento/friolenta (friolero/friolera in Spain): it means a person who is very sensible to low temperatures, cold or even cool weather.

Mi abuela es friolenta por las noches: (My grandmother is very sensible to low temperatures by the night).

  • Comadre/compadre: Comadre is a woman who is the godmother of your own child. Compadre is a man who is the godfather instead. Compadres refer to both of them. So, if someday a friend of yours become the godmother/godfather of your child, remember that there is a word in spanish for that new relationship.

Mis compadres son buenas personas: (the godparents of my child are good people). 

  • Tuerto/tuerta: it means a man or a woman who only have only one eye.

La señora Julia es tuerta: (Mrs. Julia has only one eye).

  • Te quiero: In most countries from Latinamerica when you say “te quiero” to someone you are dating or who is your girlfriend/boyfriend, you mean that you care about that person but you still do not love him or her. It’s not something bad unless you’ve been dating that person for a while. In Spain this phrase is just another synonym for ‘te amo’ (I love you).

Alberto, te quiero: (Alberto, I care about you and I do not love you yet).

So, what do you think about them? Do you know word in your language without specific translation? Share them, comment them below.

SourceEduardo Mendoza

Let’s Speak Spanish


2 thoughts on “6 Spanish Words without translation (+Audio with pronunciation in phrases).

  1. En el norte de España decimos “friolero/a”, en vez de friolento/a.
    Y no concuerdo del todo con la explicación del “Te quiero”, su significado es tan profundo como un ” Te amo” en España. Muchas gracias por el texto, el artículo. También tengo un pequeño blog y sé lo que supone.

    Liked by 1 person

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